Lori Hicke is a mixed media artist living in the outskirts of Portland, Oregon. She has been making functional ceramics for 15 years. The last few years she has created a body of work that consists of one of a kind hand painted functional pieces. She focuses on whimsical imagery that is hand painted on porcelain clay in a majoiica like style. 

Lori also spends her time creating original one of a kind watercolor and acrylic paintings. Her whimsical style is translated into lovely floral and bird paintings.

Artist Statement 

Lori spends her time creating a body of work that is original, one of a kind watercolor, acrylic paintings and print making. She continuously evolves her work, trying new mediums and techniques to further communicate her vision as an artist. She has been working with collage to combine water color and mixed media to impart a texture to otherwise 2D pieces. Most recently she has been working with print making, with layers of ink with a figurative motif, adding pen and watercolor highlights. She is often influenced by travel and her love of flora and fauna. Lori’s work can be described as joyfully illustrative and grounded in contemporary folk art roots.

I create ceramics for everyday use that brings value to a traditional home life. My work is decorative and functional. Enjoying the familiar feel of your favorite teacup in your hands as the highlight of your morning. Serving your family and friends meals on beautiful ceramic pieces enhances the dinning experience. My ceramics are completely handmade and every piece is unique. You will find that each piece has a slight variation in design and dimension, which adds to their charm. The knowledge that someone, somewhere, is eating from ceramics that I made gives me the motivation to create more.


Artist Resume